The background wallpaper is a silly indulgence. I took textile design lessons with Anthony Ryan and this wallpaper project was a break from a long slew of geometric patterns. It was inspired by Anthony’s Thrift Store pattern – I liked how he used an old medium to present something new. The result is an autobiographical toile pattern – the design is comprised of four different scenes from my background.

This resembles the house where I grew up in Missouri.

On the Missouri farm, we raised and showed dairy goats.

After moving away from the farm, I attended Stanford where I met Todd, my husband. This scene is also inspired by the illustration from Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. The redwood tree in the foreground is a slightly-disguised Stanford logo. The bikes in the background are a nod to one of my favorite activities with Todd — renting bikes when we travel.

Finally, I put a small image of me coding. It’s more likely that I’d be coding on a couch but that wouldn’t fit into the other outdoor scenes too well 🙂